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Does Fasting Help You Lose Weight?

Fasting results in weight loss is a commonly held belief. You probably heard it or thought it to yourself “instead of diet, or exercise just fast and you will be fine”. Well, while this might work in some instances, it might be detrimental to your health in other instances. Firstly, You should understand your body’s Read more…

How to Make a Diet Plan. White and black card with "D.I.E.T. (DID I EAT THAT?)" written on it.

How to Make a Diet Plan

It is important to have a diet plan if you want to get a particular result in fitness. That’s what this article will help you achieve. Diet is very important to fitness. Fitness is 70 percent diet and 30 percent exercise. Answer These Questions Before Making of a Diet Plan Read more…

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Why Nutrition is Important to Fitness

Nutrition is the food we eat, necessary for health and growth. There is a famous saying “We are what we eat”.

Fitness is 70% diet and 30% exercise. This means that eating healthy is more important than doing thousands of sit-ups. Remember, you can’t out-train a bad diet. (more…)

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Health Benefits of Drinking Water Often

  You probably know drinking water often is beneficial for your health. That’s true there are so many health benefits of drinking water. We talked briefly about drinking water in our article “Fitness Basics, Start with These 10 Things First”. But how important is drinking water Some Facts About Drinking Water  Read more…